It has been a while since my last post I’m afraid. I have been very busy with med and other commitments and sadly have been eating a lot of pasta bakes! I try to make them nutritious by adding a heap of kale, lentils and whatever other vegetable I have on hand, and then make a huge batch so we can eat them for lunches or dinner later. I have a break coming up and plan to post something new then. 

In terms of medicine, I’ve just finished an obstetrics and gynaecology block – it was well organised but I have crossed O&G off my list of future specialties. I have been missing adult medicine quite a bit – hopefully my upcoming paediatrics rotation will contain lots of long cases and ward rounds to help me feel inspired again. 




So this post is not all that food-related but a bit of an update about what I’ve been doing up in Far North QLD plus some notable food experiences.

–       I went to a bull and bike show (kind of like a rodeo) and had a deliciously naughty sandwich. White bread, thickly buttered, stuffed with thick rich coleslaw and perfect chips. Plus a Coke. Not the healthiest dinner but it was fantastic. Image

–       I did well in my exams (first class honours), which I was really happy with! Had dinner out at a local pub which was tasty but at least 4 times what I actually could eat in one sitting.

–       I have been eating mangoes by the truckload. Mangoes are everywhere, especially on the ground. For someone from Melbourne who has paid $4 per mango it is amazing to see the volume of wasted fruit.


–       I have eaten some wonderful egg salad sandwiches with freshly laid eggs (i.e. still warm from the chicken!)

–       The clinic I am at has been busy and I have gotten to do a lot – I have been doing heaps of procedures (suturing, injections, wound care, removal of stitches etc) and have been working quite independently in consultations.

–       This weekend I am making a tropical trifle with mango and pineapple for the clinic Christmas party; if it’s good I’ll post it up!

A not-so-veggie roast

I’m a vegetarian, but I live with a non-veggie so I like to cook meaty things for him every now and again. One Sunday a few weeks ago I did a big roast dinner to celebrate finishing exams that was good for vegos and meat eaters alike so I thought I would share it:

– Roast pork scotch fillet: simple roast pork with fennel seeds stuffed into slices in the crackling; cooked on high (220˚C) for 30 mins and then down low (around 160˚C) until cooked through (approx 1.5 hrs)

– The Best Kale Salad Ever from Smitten Kitchen. Make this, it will change your life. Raw Kale and delicious are not words that often go together, but this salad is truly something special. It is also delicious thrown in a pan with butter and leftover roast vegetables the next day as a bubble and squeak fry up. Make sure you make all the toppings.  http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2013/08/kale-salad-with-pecorino-and-walnuts/

– Fried potatoes and sweet potatoes. Cut into big chunks and parboil until nearly tender, then fry in vegetable oil until brown and crispy (be careful – the sugar in the sweet potato makes them brown very quickly). Sprinkle with celery salt if you have it.

– Homemade apple sauce – chuck a scored apple or two in with the pork in the last 45 mins- hour of cooking, then mash it up with some pork dripping at the end for an impromptu apple sauce.

– Other things: sauteed red cabbage, baby carrots roasted in foil with butter and thyme, and a little gravy

In other news, I finished my end of year exams for Medicine and will find out soon whether I did well or not. After all the months of studying it will be very disappointing if I don’t. I’m heading to QLD this weekend as part of a scholarship program to help out in a rural GP clinic which should be a blast (cannot wait for some better weather – Melbourne is horrid at the moment!)

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