Food tips from Europe


So Mr Veggie and I went halfway around the world over the summer to experience European winter, Christmas, and the food. We ate our way through 13 countries and had an absolute blast. When I was planning our epic adventure I loved to read tips on blogs about great places to go so I thought I’d post up some of our favourites and a couple of pics.

Our favourite place for food was France by far (Paris, Dijon, Strasbourg, Annecy). I love the French food philosophy – simple food done well. They really value local, seasonal food and have a wonderfully balanced approach to food (and life). Plus you can’t beat wine at lunchtime.



  • Le Petit Cler – bistro style food that is affordable but delicious. This place is on a cute street near the Eiffel tower, but far enough away to not be filled with tourists constantly. Mr Veggie loved the steak.
  • Cuisine de Bar – nice lunch spot for tartines (open sandwiches), in a nice part of Paris for shopping
  • Angelina – best hot chocolate in Paris (super rich and super expensive but amazing)
  • La Cure Gourmande – these are all over France. The apple cinnamon biscuits may be my favourite sweet treat of all time.
  • Paris Christmas markets (Champs Elysees) had amazing food, probably the best of any of the markets we went to
  • Laduree – inventors of the macaron
  • Verjus Bar a Vin for drinks and French tapas. Very small but very cosy, nice atmosphere.
  • L’As du falafel (Le Marais) – best falafel in the world. Endorsed by Lenny Kravitz so you know it’s good. SO GOOD. Must try if in Paris.
  • Breizh Café for crepes and galettes (and normandie cidre)
  • Arnaud Delmontel – unbelievable cakes. A must try.


  • The Little Italy Shop – amazing house made pasta and desserts. One of the best meals on the whole trip.

Freiburg, Germany

  • Hausbrauerei Feierling – maybe it was because we had been hiking in the black forest all day, but this classic German pub food was amazing. The house-brewed beer was delicious as well.



  • Apple cake/pie at Winkel. An absolute must try, it is freaking amazing. An institution.
  • Kroketten at Van Dobben, really good and very traditional (just like my Oma makes them!). Good to try a CEBO one as well just for the experience of buying it from the funny vending machine shop.



  • Lokal – classic Czech cuisine in a cool soviet era style place
  • Cilibar – a great (and cheap) cocktail bar slightly hidden down side streets in the main part of Prague, nice to escape the crowds


  • Elso Pesti Reteshaz, a hungarian strudel house. Mr Veggie had a cracker roast duck with potato and onion strudel. Their veggie and sweet strudels were also delicious.


  • Hotel sacher for the classic Sacher torte (I didn’t think it was all that special but it’s an essential experience)
  • Ottakringer Landhaus for Wiener Schnitzel – a bit out of the main area but really nice food and atmosphere, and a brewery as well

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