Where does the time go?

So I blinked and nearly 4 months have passed since my last post. Oops. I have been cooking but posting to the blog seems to always be further down on my priority list. My rotations this semester (Aged care, GP, psychiatry) have meant I have been moving around quite a bit. When I am home on the weekends I crave healthy wholesome food, like this salad below.



Not so much a recipe as a collection of bits and pieces, but it’s something. There is no point writing down amounts – it is about using up what you’ve got 🙂

Winter vegetable and barley salad

1 bunch baby beetroot, boiled, peeled and quartered

Mixed roasted root vegetables (I used pumpkin and carrot, + some roasted garlic cloves)

Kale, washed and roughly chopped

Handful toasted walnuts, roughly chopped

2 cups (ish) cooked pearl barley

Feta, crumbled


Toss all the ingredients together with olive oil and red wine vinegar. Add a little pepper and top with feta. Simple but tasty winter food.


Other things I’ve been cooking:

– A deliciously naughty potato and cabbage gratin. Lots of cream and gruyere. Paired it with a kale salad in an attempt to save my semi-healthy reputation.

– Root vegetable pasties for the freezer

– A 9-veg bolognese sauce that is worth sharing, perhaps I will remember to write it down sometime

– Sundried tomato arancini

– Cauliflower cheese soup



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