Quick update

It has been a bit hectic around here, as I try to get back in the rhythm of med school, and finish off all the preparation for the year like finally having an empty dirty washing basket, cleaning the shower properly, and stuffing the freezer as full as possible. So instead of a recipe today I have a list of a few things I’ve made in the last week (with links) as I haven’t been particularly creative – I have been churning things out as fast as I can.


  • An amazing beetroot-chocolate cake from green kitchen stories. My changes: wholemeal flour substituted for spelt (worked fine) and used plain old cocoa instead of cacao (which cost $9 for a small packet at my local organic shop!). It tasted great. I used 2/3 coconut oil and 1/3 olive oil for the oils. Defrosted beautifully and could go in the microwave.
  • Also from greenkitchenstories, delicious date balls that took no time to make and are delicious even straight from the freezer. I will definitely be making these again and trying some variations (?peppermint oil ?coffee ?dried cherries). I used a combination of almonds, walnuts and pecans for the nut component.
  • An apple cake loaf, made based on this recipe (but in loaf form). I grated the apples instead and used 1/2 wholemeal, 1/2 white flour. Turned out great and froze well.
  • I didn’t quite get around to but will hopefully make another Quinoa Crackle Banana Bread next weekend.

Freezer meals

  • This Goan feast from smittenkitchen.com. Delcious. The best dahl I have made at home. I upped the coriander (a lot) and served it with brown rice and a quick mustard seed and cumin yoghurt (+ curried chicken strips for Mr. Veggie). We got 9 leftover portions for lunches and dinner in the next couple of months.
  • The best vegetarian lasagne I have made in a while, which may live up to it’s title of World’s Greatest Vegetable Lasagna
  • A cracking throw-together tomato risotto, oozing with cheese, basil and white beans, with little bursts of whole cherry tomatoes and a rich passata base. I forgot to take a picture, otherwise this post would have been about that risotto. Just thinking about it again now is making me hungry…
  • A mexican soup/stew based on this delicious chilli with a few extra veggies thrown in. We scooped some leftovers (minus the liquid) onto corn chips and sprinkled with lots of cheese for impromptu nachos one night – it was good!

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