So this post is not all that food-related but a bit of an update about what I’ve been doing up in Far North QLD plus some notable food experiences.

–       I went to a bull and bike show (kind of like a rodeo) and had a deliciously naughty sandwich. White bread, thickly buttered, stuffed with thick rich coleslaw and perfect chips. Plus a Coke. Not the healthiest dinner but it was fantastic. Image

–       I did well in my exams (first class honours), which I was really happy with! Had dinner out at a local pub which was tasty but at least 4 times what I actually could eat in one sitting.

–       I have been eating mangoes by the truckload. Mangoes are everywhere, especially on the ground. For someone from Melbourne who has paid $4 per mango it is amazing to see the volume of wasted fruit.


–       I have eaten some wonderful egg salad sandwiches with freshly laid eggs (i.e. still warm from the chicken!)

–       The clinic I am at has been busy and I have gotten to do a lot – I have been doing heaps of procedures (suturing, injections, wound care, removal of stitches etc) and have been working quite independently in consultations.

–       This weekend I am making a tropical trifle with mango and pineapple for the clinic Christmas party; if it’s good I’ll post it up!


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